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Looking for professional Minooka IL Landscaping? Start by contacting a trusted landscaping company such as Economy Commercial Landscaping.

Our contractors provide quality service to all our clients. Our professional landscapers specialize in the following services:

Economy Commercial Landscaping currently covers multiple towns and cities throughout the Will County area.

Snow Removal Service

Economy Commercial Landscaping provides snow removal services to commercial properties in our area. We offer full snow removal services 24/7. Our snow plowing service includes fast action snow and ice removal to our commercial contracts. We work with any commercial property that is in need of our service. We are located in Minooka, IL, therefore, when it snows we are quick to the rescue.

We offer full snow and ice control using professional methods, such as wind-rowing, stacking, salting, and re-locating snow. If you are in need of a landscaping and snow plowing company in Minooka, Economy Commercial Landscaping is your best bet.

Professional Seal Coating

We provide seal coating, crack filling, and line striping to commercial and residential pavements in Minooka, IL. Our seal coating team consists of top notch professionals that get the job done right, every time.

If you're driveway or parking lot has cracks in it, and is starting to fade away due to oxidation, seal coating is a great solution for you.

Not only does seal coating make your pavement look beautiful, but it also extends the life of the pavement.

If you are in need of a seal coating service in Minooka, contact Economy Commercial Landscaping right away.

Lawn Fertilizing Service

When it comes to making your grass greener, lawn fertilizing should be your top priority. Not only are we licensed professionals, but we offer professional grade fertilizer that isn't found at your local department store.

Our fertilizing service in Minooka is tried and true. We have a step by step process that we follow for optimal results.

First, we will conduct a detailed analysis of your lawn and determine the current ph level. Then, we will decide what the right approach is in order to maintain a healthy balance of fertilizer. After, we proceed to apply the right fertilizer type and amount according to your lawn's ph level.

If the lawn has a low, acidic ph level, we stay away from harsh fertilizing chemicals such as nitrogen, and move towards a more alkaline based approach. The secret is maintaining a healthy ph level of 6.2 to 7. All areas outside of that range are susceptible weeds, lawn diseases, and lawn pests.

To learn more about our fertilization service in Minooka, be sure to contact us or give us a call. Prices may vary depending on the size of the lawn.

High Quality Mulch Delivery 

We provide all Minooka residents with free mulch and stone delivery, 7 days a week. Give us a call and find out what mulch we have in stock for you. If there's a specific mulch you'd like, we can arrange an appointment and get it to you as soon as possible.

All mulch deliveries can either be dumped on your driveway or picked up from our shop location. We can install it for you as well, for an extra fee. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Our Process | Minooka IL Landscaping

When we take on a project, we don't slow down. If you're looking for a professional commercial landscaping company, here's how it works:

Start with a phone call - Contact us so we can discuss what you need. Even if we don't currently provide what you're looking for, we'll help you find somebody that does.

Agree to service pricing - Once you have agreed to price with us, we can now provide you with our services.

Track your progress - Throughout our residual visits, we will keep you updated on your commercial property health and necessary adjustments.


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